WSB ‘18

The Eaglets are celebrating a successful and memorable weekend in Cape May for the 35th annual World Series of Birding! This was their 7th year competing as a team and 3rd year as a part of the Youth Carbon Footprint challenge. They ended with 115 species, beating their previous record of 103 for the biking… Continue reading WSB ‘18

Headed Off to The World Series of Birding 2016!

The team is headed out this morning to the World Series of Birding. This recent article in the Star-Democrat featured their trip. Team Captain Maya McGrory had the following words about the satisfaction that comes from birding: “It is awfully hard to describe the feeling you get when you’re out birding,” said McGrory.  “Just you… Continue reading Headed Off to The World Series of Birding 2016!

Eaglets Featured in Ranger Rick

Check out the April issue of the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick magazine! Eaglets team member Faith McCarthy kept a journal of the 2015 World Series of Birding and you can read all about it this month! Photos in the article are by fellow Eaglet Miele McCluskey’s pro photographer mom Kellen McCluskey. The Eaglets were previously… Continue reading Eaglets Featured in Ranger Rick

First Birding Trip of 2016

Today was our first day birding in 2016 and it started snowing while we were out there! Here’s our team with Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center Executive Director and Ornithologist Judy Wink, who taught us more about how to “landmark” when we call out a bird location. We are excited to get ready for our 5th time… Continue reading First Birding Trip of 2016