Headed Off to The World Series of Birding 2016!

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The team is headed out this morning to the World Series of Birding. This recent article in the Star-Democrat featured their trip.

Team Captain Maya McGrory had the following words about the satisfaction that comes from birding:

“It is awfully hard to describe the feeling you get when you’re out birding,” said McGrory.  “Just you and the birds. All I can say is that it is quite breathtaking. When you are in the woods on a sunny day, bright emerald light is all around you as the sun shines down through the trees. The branches shake slightly in the breeze. And then you hear it: A soft, high whistle echoes through the trees. Then another. And all of a sudden all other sounds are gone because all your focus is on the birds. There’s a bright flash of red to your right. Or a little gray bird zips from one tree to another. And the most thrilling part is knowing exactly what bird you hear or see. The sound to your left is a wood thrush. And flitting around on your right is a scarlet tanager. Honestly, going birding is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, and I say with all my heart that I absolutely love every bit of it.”

Good luck, Eaglets!