Let’s Reflect on WSB ’17

Last year was an unforgettable one for the Eaglets! It was their second year participating in the Carbon-Free division, meaning their only method of transportation around Cape Island was biking. They managed to list 104 species from dawn to dusk. Weather wasn’t exactly ideal, and soggy bike seats were an issue, but regardless of the conditions they had a great time. Working with their mentor, wildlife biologist and Cape May native Dr. Trish Miller, was an incredible experience for the Eaglets! It’s not every day that you get to see David LaPuma and his team behind the scenes. A group from PBS also found us at the Beanery, and we got interviewed! What a phenomenal WSB.  Check out some of the photos…

At the finish line!
Brunch at the hangar.
Planning our route…
The Cape lighthouse at sunset never gets old.
Out in the field!